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My Name is Rebecca Nordell
I have been in the nail industry for over 7 years.
Sculpting Gel Nails Is My Art. To me, nails that look and feel just like your own are Priceless.
Have you ever looked at someones hands and knew they had tips on?
A little too long, square, thick, with that airbrushed stencil look? This is
what I call hands that have been through the production line. Everyone has the same look!
Everyones nails have their own unique shape, you simply cannot glue a plastic tip on your nails and expect it to look or feel like your own nails.

Sculpting a nail allows me to create the perfect shape that compliments your
hands. No matter if you wear your nails long or short, no one will ever know you have your nails enhanced. Sculpting is an art, and I take great pride in creating the perfect set of nails just for you.

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