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NIE (Numero Identificación Extranjero)

Anyone who is to be named as the property owner or want to work in Spain will need to have an N.I.E. number to be registered with the Spanish Government.

The number remains yours for life for as long as you have any asset in Spain and is used for any transaction i.e. work, paying taxes, buying a car, or a boat etc.

You can get your N.I.E. in a number of different ways. 

You can do this yourself by going to the office in Palma.
Take your passport with you and a photocopy as well.
You have to book an appointment first online through the link shown below.
Depending on the time of year, your appointment could be allocated in a number of days or a number of weeks.


  • Choose “Illes Balears”
  • Click “Aceptar”
  • Choose “Asignación N.I.E:”
  • Click “Aceptar"
  • Click “Entrar” (Bottom of page)
  • Fill in Form : 
  • Choose “Pasaporte” (Input your passport number)
  • Fill in your name exactly as it is on your passport.
  • Pais de Nacionalidad = Choose “Gran Bretaña” (if you are of British Nationality).
  • Click “Aceptar”
  • Click on “Solicitar Cita” (Requesting appointment)
  • Confirm the office you wish to attend (There is only 1 option Felicià Fuster)
  • Click on “Siguiente”
  • Input Telephone number and email address as requested
  • Click on “Siguiente”
  • You will then be presented with a calendar where you can choose a day and hour for when you want the appointment.
    You then click on this link and fill in the form and print it out: Form for NIE number
  • You go to the office with your passport, copy of passport, the filled in form above and a copy of the document for your appointment.
  • You should at least speak some Spanish, or bring someone who does.
  • Adress of the office is to go: Oficina Unica de Extranjeria, Poligono Levante
    C/ Ciutat de Queretaro s/n, 07007 Palma de Mallorca
  • You can’t pay this in the office, it has to be done in the bank by using a form known as: Modelo 012 “Asignación de Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) a instancia del interesado” (You get this form in the office to go to one bank).
  • There is a minor administrative charge that you have to pay in the bank to get the NIE.
  • After you have been in the bank you go back to the office with the document from the bank with a stamp that you have payed.
  • You then get your NIE number document with witch you now can open bank account, buy property etc. and you have your NIE number for life.


You can get an NIE number by going to your nearest Spanish Embassy in your country of origin. Again you will need to take your passport and a copy of it with you.


Pay a professional “Gestor” in Mallorca to do this for you. Takes around 2 to 3 weeks. Costs around 160Euros for each NIE number required.

I can recommend one in Palma Nova (see below). But first you will need to get an official copy of your passport signed by a Notary.

Don Raymundo Fortuñy Marques,
Edificio (antiguo Club de Hielo) - Opposite Lidl Supermarket, Ground Floor
Calle Cordoba, 7, Palmanova. 07181 * Phone: +34 971 680 688
Open 9am to 2pm only.

In the same building you can find the office of the Gestor Sr Jaume Bibiloni.
Different entrance, main doors, large glass doors to his office. To the right when you are inside main entrance of building, big orange Logo. 

Mallorca Business Centre. * Phone: +34 971 699 985 (Secretary = Andrea) 

You can’t buy a property in Spain without an N.I.E. However, in many cases it is possible that the Notary will obtain this number for you, especially if you have instructed the Notary to “process” the deeds for you. (see notes on buying costs below).